We believe that one of the biggest unmet needs for modern mothers is the need to socialize with like-minded women — in a setting where they don’t have to interrupt the conversation to refill sippy cups ten times.

We believe that virtual friendships are wonderful, but that nothing can replace in-person connections.

We believe that Catholic women in particular need more opportunities to foster a sense of sisterhood with one another.

We believe that a good party, a quiet hotel room, and a glass of wine can go a long way toward recharging a weary mother’s batteries.

We believe that there aren’t enough conferences focused on having fun.

Welcome to the Edel Gathering.

The name for our event was inspired by Venerable Edel Quinn, a woman who showed that laughter and good times are a natural part of Catholic life. She was known for her joy and for her love of jokes as much as she was for her holiness. Though Edel was a single woman, she had a heart for mothers. In fact, as we were praying about the name of the conference, we came across a story in which a desperate mother who was considering throwing herself off a bridge was stopped by a vision of Venerable Edel. We were both having days that tested the limits of our patience and our sanity, and as soon as we heard that story, we knew we had the namesake for our conference.

In the spirit of Edel Quinn, the Edel Gathering is an event that will refresh, renew, and inspire mothers who may occasionally find themselves on the brink.

We look forward to putting together a weekend that will provide the right balance of structure and free time, a gathering that will offer you resources that you can’t find anywhere else, but will also leave room in the schedule for you to explore the city or simply soak in a hotel bathtub. We’ve poured our energy into thinking about how we can make this an occasion where you feel valued and encouraged not only by the organizers, but by the new friends you’ll make over the weekend.

We look forward to sending you home to your families rested, energized, and filled with a renewed passion for your vocation.

And while this is an event that is targeted to the needs of Catholic mothers, all women are welcome to join us!

The Edel Gathering is currently taking a year off. To be the first to know about the next one, join our email list or follow us on Facebook!

– Hallie Lord and Jennifer Fulwiler